"Truth shall spring out of the earth." Psalm 85:11 [KJV]
"The only NEW FACTS about the Bible and the Biblical world are coming from the ground." - William Dever
"The Biblical authors assume their audience knows the context of the revelation. Unfortunately, Westerners are far removed from the context of the revelation.
Archaeology and biblical backgrounds help to place Godís Word in its proper context of revelation."
- Steve Ortiz

The Book & The Spade is a weekly news and interview program presenting backgrounders on the Bible through the latest discoveries and developments in Biblical Archaeology,
hosted by Gordon Govier, biblical archaeology correspondent for Christianity Today magazine and editor of ARTIFAX, the biblical archaeology newsmagazine.

LISTEN NOW TO THIS WEEK'S PROGRAM!:: #1777 - "Excavating Tel Shimron in the Galilee - part 2" with Daniel Master
#1776 - "Excavating Tel Shimron - part 1"

Jodi Magness interview series:
#1775 - "The Archaeology of Galilean Synagogues and Jerusalem"
#1774 - "The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls"
#1773 - "The Archaeology of Engedi"
Listen to the entire Jodi Magness interview via UpWords

Our special series on Seals, Seal Impressions and Wet Sifting:
"Times of Israel Times Will Tell Podcast on the Temple Mount Sifting Project"
Amanda Borschel-Dan & Zachi Dvira #1766 - part 1 || #1767 - part 2
Original Times Will Tell podcast
"Wet Sifting or Not, An Archaeological Dilemma" - Jimmy Hardin #1765
"Seals, Seal Impressions and Wet Sifting" - Robert Deutsch #1763 - part 1 || #1764 - part 2

More of our recent programs:
"The Church of the Glorious Martyr" - Benyamin Storchan #1771 - part 1 || #1772 - part 2
Visit a digital reconstruction of the Church of the Glorious Martyr online.

Summer 2021 Discoveries and Developments/A New Tour is Announced! - #1762
"Neanderthals and Biblical Archaeology" - Fazale Rana of Reasons to Believe - #1760 - part 1 || #1761 - part 2
"Post Exodus Disruptions in Egypt" - Charles Aling #1758 - part 1 || #1759 - part 2
"Herod the Great Gardener" - Kathryn Gleason #1740 - part 1 || #1741 - part 2
Top 10 Biblical Archaeology Stories of 2020 - #1735
Christianity Today web version of this story


A 2,000-year old gemstone discovered in Jerusalem

Our 2020 Series on the forged Dead Sea Scrolls and the Museum of the Bible:
My Christianity Today story on Fake Dead Sea Scrolls at the Museum of the Bible
"Fake Dead Sea Scrolls at the Museum of the Bible" - Jeffrey Kloha #1701
"Fake Dead Sea Scrolls at the Museum of the Bible" - Colette Loll #1702
"Museum of the Bible - Repatriating Antiquities" - Jeffrey Kloha #1703
"The Dead Sea Scroll Forgeries" - Christopher Rollston #1704 - part 1 || #1705 - part 2
"The New Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit at the Museum of the Bible" - Jeffrey Kloha #1729
Where are the Other Fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls? - My December 2020 article for Christianity Today
"Are There More Fake Dead Sea Scrolls?" - Sidnie White Crawford #1732 - part 1 || #1733 - part 2
Referenced in the Sidnie White Crawford interview: The Lost Book of Moses by Chanan Tigay
"Dead Sea Scrolls Detective" - Kipp Davis #1736 - part 1 || #1737 - part 2|| #1738 - part 3

Gordon Govier's 2018 interview with author and radio host Eric Metaxas:

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retired from the program in 2013. He
taught Biblical Archaeology in the Dept.
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author of the textbook BIBLICAL
a past president of the Near East
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