"The only NEW FACTS about the Bible and the Biblical world are coming from the ground." - William Dever

A weekly news and interview program focusing on the latest discoveries and developments in Biblical Archaeology,
hosted by Gordon Govier, biblical archaeology correspondent for Christianity Today magazine and editor of ARTIFAX magazine.

LISTEN NOW TO THIS WEEK'S PROGRAM! :: #1512 - "Archaeology and Apologetics" with Dale Manor
Dale Manor on Tel Betshemesh#1510, part 1 ||#1511, part 2

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"Khirbet el-Maqatir, 2015" with Scott Stripling #1485 || #1486 - part 2
"Patterns of Exodus Evidence" with Charles Aling #1464 - part 1|| #1465 - part 2
See also: Why it matters that the Exodus really happened - Christianity Today

Featured video: The Mountain of the Lord

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Program History:

produced since 1983 in Madison,Wisconsin,
where Gordon Govier was for many years an
award-winning radio news director.
...Dr. Keith Schoville, professor emeritus

at the University of Wisconsin, was co-host
of the program for the past 30 years, and
retired from the program in 2013. He
taught Biblical Archaeology in the Dept.
of Hebrew and Semitic Studies, was the
author of the textbook BIBLICAL
a past president of the Near East
Archaeological Society.
...Over the past 30 years, THE BOOK &

THE SPADE has talked with nearly
300 archaeologists and Bible scholars
about their work in the field, and visited
many of these sites on our BOOK & THE
SPADE tours. Listeners have gained new
understanding of how Biblical research is
done and realized anew Archaeology is
"the only source of new facts about the
Bible and the Biblical world."

THE BOOK & THE SPADE is available
by subscription, at $30/year,
with CD's containing the latest five programs
mailed on roughly a monthly basis.

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