Wed., March 14th


Driving along the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee this morning, Mony pointed out the coneys (The Bible calls them rock badgers) scampering among the rocks. We also saw a lot of migrating storks today, whirling in their cyclonic circles in the sky.

white synagogue of Capernaum
statue of St. Peter The home of St. Peter in Capernaum was our first stop. We saw the beautiful partially restored white synagogue, built atop what is believed to be the synagogue of Jesus' day.
The rain caught up with us shortly after we moved on to Bethsaida. That was OK as long as we kept to the stone path, winding through the ruins of homes from the time of Jesus. But we also wanted to see the iron age gate excavation, dating back to the time of King David. So we tried not to track too much mud back onto Hussam's bus. Iron Age Gate of Bethsaida
Hearth in Qatzrin village We drove up into the Golan Heights to Qatzrin, and walked through the restored Talmudic village. We also saw an interesting video presentation featuring some famous ancient rabbis arguing over spiritual dilemmas.
We reviewed the Sermon on the Mount at the Mount of the Beattitudes, and then walked across the field, down to the Church of the Loaves and Fishes at Tabgha. Mount of the Beattitudes
2,000 year old Galilee Boat We took a look at the 2,000-year old Galilee Boat at kibbutz Ginosar, then hopped on one of the modern replicas for our own boatride across the Sea of Galilee. When we arrived back at kibbutz Ein Gev, we were met by Yoel Ben Yosef, the curator of the kibbutz's own House of Anchors Museum. He gave us a report on the history of fishing and boating on the Sea of Galilee.

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