Up to Jerusalem

Friday, March 16, 2001 Reported by Janice Bell

On Friday morning we began the day in the Wilderness Tabernacle, adjacent to Kibbutz Almog. What an awesome prospective of what the Israelites experienced in their appointed place of worship. How detailed was the instruction of I AM in regard to His chosen dwelling place. Yet in it all my spirit rejoiced to know that He made a way to dwell within my heart through the blood sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus.   wilderness tabernacle
We continued from the Dead Sea on up to Jerusalem! What a tremendously inspiring view as we looked upon the holy city from the Mount of Olives.   the Holy City from the Mount of Olives
Then we walked down into the Garden of Gethsemane and realized that the olive trees we were looking at may well have been alive when Christ walked this earth. Just the thought that these trees where privileged to be in the presence of Jesus causes a sense of jealousy to well up in my spirit. Oh how I long to be in the physical presence of my Lord.   Church of All Nations - Garden of Gethsemane
From there were introduced to the history of Jerusalem at the Citadel museum, walked along the Roman Cardo, saw Hezekiah's Broad wall and visited the Upper Room on Mt. Zion.   Jerusalem cardo
.Garden Tomb   The Garden Tomb was our final stop and for me was another close encounter with our Creator. To actually experience and see the empty tomb brought His resurrection to a new level of reality in my life. Whether or not it was in fact THE tomb did not prove to be the issue that day as we sat together in the unity of His Spirit and took communion in remembrance of His broken body and shed blood. It was a time of coming together in the Oneness of our God
Randall Smith and David Jones   ...After settling in at the YMCA on King David street, and a bountiful supper, we were treated to a time of personal instruction from Dr. Randall Smith related to the guide book that he put together for our tour. What a joy to listen to the wisdom that flowed from this man, it was as though every thought he shared gave new revelation. As Elden would say, WOW!

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