Last Day in Athens

Sunday, March 25, 2001. Reported by Wendell Fair

After breakfast we gathered in the Floran Room (which smelled of smoke). We had a devotional service in which many of us shared our feelings about this experience and what we had gotten out of this pilgrimage. Elden and Roger contributed greatly to the service and David led the singing.

Independence Day Parade After the service, with a wide open itinerary, we all went our own way. Some went to church services at the First Evangelical Church of Athens and were pleasantly surprised to find the service translated from Greek into English. Others went to see the Independence Day parade , which was largely a military parade. There was also shopping in "Old Town." Others decided to rest and wind down from the whole experience at the hotel, listening to the great Greek music on the radio, reading the paper and keeping time with the music by tapping our toes.

Athens airport Finally, our bus returned us to the airport and we headed back to Istanbul as evening fell. Once more we found ourselves back at the familiar Romance Hotel, where we were served a light meal. Roger suggested that since we were having our "Last Supper" together we make a communion service of it. So David lead the service with the breaking of the bread, and Elden blessed the coke. Many pictures were taken. Some had enjoyed the music when we were at the Romance before, so we went back again and enjoyed the "Class Bar." The music was very good.

heading home The next morning we got an early start back to the airport, and bade good by to Istanbul. It seemed like the security was a little tighter this final time. Some had their cutting tools temporarily confiscated. Our arrival in Chicago went smoothly, we met the bus and finally found ourselves back in Madison about 5:30 pm.

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