The 1999 Book & The Spade Exodus to Acts Expedition

Our 1999 BOOK & THE SPADE "Exodus to Acts Expedition" was a chronological study tour that followed the Biblical panorama from Egypt through the Sinai into and around Jordan and then across the Jordan River into and around Israel. Here's a slide show of our tour followed by daily reports.

  • February 24, The Pyramids and The Egyptian Museum, reported by Sharon Franklin

  • February 25, Cairo, reported by Terri Gates

  • February 26, The Sinai, reported by Gordon Govier

  • February 27, Petra, reported by Shawn Jacobsen

  • February 28, Cities of the Decapolis, reported by Gary Lindberg

  • March 1, From Wadi Kharrar to Qumran, reported by Judy Lindberg

  • March 2, Masada, reported by Connie Jacobus

  • March 3, Jerusalem & Bethlehem, reported by Pat Lohrengel

  • March 4, Yad Vashem & The Israel Museum, reported by Ben Lohrengel

  • March 5, The Passion Week, reported by David Taylor

  • March 6, Bet Shean, Nazareth & Sepphoris, reported by Laura Taylor

  • March 7, Hazor, Dan & Caesarea Philippi, reported by Sharon Franklin

  • March 8, Jesus & The Sea of Galilee, reported by Judy Lindberg

  • March 9, Megiddo & Caesarea Maritima, reported by Pat Lohrengel

    2001 Tour Report