Our 2008 Book & The Spade Tells, Tombs, Tunnels and Treasures Holyland Tour marked the 25th anniversary of the 1983 beginning of the Book & The Spade radio program, a weekly update on the latest discoveries and developments in Biblical Archaeology.

flightmapWe spent 14 days in Israel, visiting the traditional holy places which are known from history, as well as investigating the sites where the latest archaeological excavation activity is taking place. Our guides, Ellen Rosenberg, Randy Smith, Tom Powers and Ross Voss offered us historical perspective, insights and Biblical applications at each of the stops along the way, and on the bus in between.

Following are daily accounts recorded by members of the tour.

The tour was organized and led by Gordon Govier, the host and executive producer of The Book & The Spade, with assistance from his co-host, professor Keith Schoville, and pastor Elden Davis.

The Book & The Spade is a weekly, syndicated radio program which reports on news developments in the field of Biblical Archaeology and related Biblical studies. Gordon Govier also reports on Biblical Archaeology for Christianity Today magazine and edits the quarterly archaeology magazine ARTIFAX.