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Here Mr. Mulrooney, Mr. McCoy and Mrs. Wolfgram are still handing out smiles with the tardy slips in the office.
Miss Dohse is still calling students to the board to work out trigonometry equations and geometric calculations.
Mr. Walz is still regaling classes with obscure literary references.
Mr. McCarville is challenging students to spend more time studying current events
Miss Hagman is intimidating students in the commercial classes.
Mr. Rheineck is introducing another group of underclassmen to the wonders of formaldehyde.
Mrs. Grelle is baking cookies in Home Ec.
Miss Goan is rushing to the card catalogue to find a book for a student whose term paper is overdue.
Mr. Martin is running the basketball team through its paces in the gym.
Mr. Bebow is concocting plans for next year's winning football season.
Vern Severson is out in the parking lot revving up the school bus for another away game.
Miss Garrity is asking another class: "Habla Usted Espanol? "
Mr. Frommelt is preparing some new overheads with Latin vocabulary.
Mr. Hamann is plugging in a new saw in the woodworking shop.
Mr. Cowie is laying out a new experiment in the chemistry lab.
Mr. Ralph is wiping some fresh barnyard souvenirs off of his boots.
Mr. Todd is conducting the William Tell Overture in the band room.
Mrs. Dickey is working with the journalism students rushing to get the latest issue of Prairie Dog Tales to the printer.
And the cookies in the school lunch room still put dents in the formica tabletops.

Go Blackhawks!

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