"By the Scribe's profession, wisdom increases."
Ecclesiasticus, the Wisdom of Jesus Ben Sira, 38:24.





A weekly news and interview radio program on Biblical Archaeology. It is heard on several radio stations, including internationally on shortwave radio station HCJB's Australia outlet.
The Book & The Spade reports on the latest developments in Biblical Archaeology and features many of the top archaeologists working in Biblical Archaeology and Biblical Studies.



A quarterly newsletter on Biblical Archaeology published in conjunction with the Institute for Biblical Archaeology, the Near East Archaeology Society, and the International Society for Archaeology & the Bible.


Biblical Archaeology reports for CHRISTIANITY TODAY
SCRIBE MEDIA sponsors specialized Holyland Study Tours through THE BOOK & THE SPADE


"If decade after decade the truth cannot be told,
each person's mind begins to roam irretrievably."

- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Cancer Ward


A quarterly newsletter, established in 1994, for Christian journalists working in the secular media. QV is the newsletter of Gegrapha an international fellowship of Christian journalists.



A quarterly newsletter for Christian radio news reporters, talk show hosts and station managers focusing on news and informational programming. SCRIBE sponsored the annual SCRIBE Contest for news broadcasting in Christian radio. SCRIBE also initiated a Christian Radio News Forum established at the annual SCRIBE conference and hosted the Broadcast news Bootcamp at the annual NATIONAL RELIGIOUS BROADCASTERS convention. However, SCRIBE is no longer published on a regular basis


SCRIBE MEDIA has worked with:

The Sand County Foundation||| CareNet's Elizabeth House Capital Campaign ||| Touched Twice Ministry Clinic
The Church & HIV/AIDS Conference||| Middleton Outreach Ministry

For more information on SCRIBE MEDIA,contact: Gordon Govier, scribe@broadcast.net

"Write with your hand,
recite with your mouth
and speak with those more knowledgeable than you...
don't be idle or you will be beaten...
Pay Attention!"

Admonition to scribes of ancient Egypt,
found in papyrus Anastasis V;8,1-9,1

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